Network & Security

Network & Security

We provide solutions for enhancing or new setup of IT Network along with best preventive security to protect originations from cyber-attacks and threats.

For this we design the operation network architecture and ensures further possibility of easy scalability. With the help of latest available best solutions in cyber security we protect the organization with our best trained and skilled team.

  • WAF, LLB, UTM and Firewall

  • NIPS and HIPS

  • Managed Antivirus

  • DLP

  • Router, Switches

  • In-premise Building Security – BIOMETRIC and Access Controls (With Attendance) and CCTV (Advance Object and Face Detection)

  • Passive – LAN Cabling, Rack Installation, Device Mount etc.

  • Establishment of Data Centre and Network Operation Centre for both physical and remote location Server Rooms or Networks.